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 Getting Started
 Posted: Jun 17 2016, 10:09 AM

Welcome to the e-LFL

  1. What is the e-LFL?
  2. Owning A Team
  3. Being A Player
  4. Schedules & Results
  5. OOC

What is the e-LFL?

The Basics
The e-LFL is a fantasy football league based around the sport of lingerie football. While similar efforts have been made in the past we've moved in a slightly different direction to something less serious than regular football. Although the games are still high-risk, high-impact, and fast paced.
Who Runs The e-LFL?
The league is currently being run by Benny and BMac. If you don't know who we are then feel free to ask.
Rules Of Lingerie Football
With it being Lingerie Football the rules are slightly different than the NFL. But the playing field is still 100yds long, with 10yd end zone. And these matches will be played in indoor arenas throughout the country.

Games will be consist of 4 quarters of 15 minutes each, with a 12 minute half time break. 8 minutes of sudden death over time, but the games are simulated so you don't need to bother with these details too much.

Touchdowns will be worth 6 pts
Safeties will be worth 2 pts.
Field goals will be worth 3 pts.
e-LFL squads consist of upto 20 players. Before the first season we have drafted rosters of 16-18 players per team just to get the ball rolling, and you may notice that most players have multiple positions listed.

Lingerie football games are 11-on-11 and usually broken down as such.

With the updated sim we run now there are a variety of formations and playbooks to choose from, so choose wisely.

We have tried to roster an appropriate number of each position into each team, but owners are allowed to draft new players to fill empty slots, or replace existing players. More details on this will be listed below.

You may also notice the term (PC) listed by some players in each team. These are player controlled players and will have higher stats than regular players, as based on the strengths and weakness listed in the app. More details will be listed below.

Owning A Team

How Do I Own A Team?
We managed to find owners for all 14 teams ahead of opening, but there will likely be expansions based upon the success of the first season. From an IC perspective it should be a character with enough wealth to be able to afford to own a team, and not just any independent wrestler.
What Do Owners Need To Do?
To try and make the league more interactive, we will be producing depth charts for each team. The owners can pick players from these to play in each game, which will help to influence results.

While we have created rosters for each team already, there is a transfer window during which you can draft new players, or trade existing players with other teams.

As an optional extra, you may wish to create a Twitter account for your team. Please note, these should not be used for anything that might bring the league into disrepute - just friendly trash talk between teams, player updates, etc. We have created logos for each team to get started, but you may replace it with one of your own if you want.

GMs & Coaches
GMs and coaches will fill the same role here in the e-LFL. And while named as someone different than the owner, they will tend to be played by the same handler.

Being A Player

How Do I Become A Player In The e-LFL?
Simple. Fill out this form and post it in that same forum. Please note, if you wish to play for a certain team you can specify it on that form. Then if the owner agrees, you'll be drafted to that team during the transfer window. If you have no preference then just leave it blank, then the teams who want you will reply to the post and ask you to join. You'll just need to decide which of those teams to join.
What Do I Need To Do As A Player?
As much as you'd like. It can be as little as following their progress here on the forums to making a Twitter account so they can interact with the rest of the e-fedding community. Please note, if you use Twitter to bring your player or team into disrepute they will be subject to punishment as any other professional athlete.

If you create a free agent you will then need to pick which team you wish to join, depending on who replies to your application. You will also be able to request transfers if you are unhappy with your current team, and be aware of trade deals.

On the application form you'll notice that the picbase is optional, this is so you don't feel the need to be fully interactive. We want this to be a laid back and relaxed environment, but any character with a picbase may be used on future promotional material. Also for either your player's, or their team's Twitter accounts to use.

How Do Player Controlled Members Differ From The Rest Of The Team?
On the application form you will notice we ask for strengths and weaknesses. This is for one simple reason. The non-player controlled members of each team have all been made on the simulator with equal stats. Player controlled members have higher stats based on their strengths and weaknesses, so will typically be the stand out players each week over their team mates. This is also why each team has been given 2 or 3 player controlled members to start with.

This will also hopefully encourage owners to draft new players over their current roster, and make the league more interactive in the future.

Schedules & Results

The first season will be played over twenty weeks, with 3 preseason games over 4 weeks. Then the regular season will consist of 16 games over 18 weeks, with each team getting some bye weeks. This allows each team to play against the other teams in their conference twice, and still have 4 games against teams from the other conference.

As the league expands this will change.

Schedules for the first season have been posted here.

The Wondercup
At the end of the season the top 3 teams in each conference will advance to the playoffs. The 1st place team in each conference will receive a bye, then face the winner of the game between 2nd and 3rd place of their respective conference.
The winners of that match will then compete to see who can win the Wondercup.
Each week the games will be simulated by BMac on Football Mogul. They will then be published on the forums here, and the stats from each game compiled.


OOC Rules
Don't be a dick. No flaming, no bigotry, nothing that sets out to upset anyone or make this game anything less than fun.
OOC Rules From An IC Perspective
If you do something with your team/player that brings the league into disrepute then we will remove you. We're just here to have fun.

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