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 San Antonio Cowgirls, Owned by Eddie Ladron
 Posted: Jun 6 2016, 04:52 PM

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QB - Alexa Strange (PC)
QB - Hope Jennings
RB - Morgan Cartier (PC)
RB - Nichole Barker
RB - Juliana Mendoza (PC)
FB - Lila Carter
TE - Elle Shannon (PC)
TE -
WR - Evangelina Ramirez (PC)
WR - Santana Ortiz (PC)
WR - Kristi Lopez
WR - Jane Hines
WR - Julia Perez
OL - Becca Raze (PC)
OL - Quinta Rodriguez (PC)
OL - Arielle Mendoza (PC)
OL - Traci Patterson (PC)
G - Lily Reid
G - Olivia Salazar
T - Marsha Harper
T - Ella Duncan
C - Bricklyn Granger (PC)
C - Alexis Todd
C - Katherine Powell


DL - Becca Raze (PC)
DL - Morgan Cartier (PC)
DT - Olivia Salazar
DT - Alexis Todd
DT - Katherine Powell
DE - Quinta Rodriguez (PC)
DE - Lily Reid
DE - Arielle Mendoza (PC)
LB - Bricklyn Granger (PC)
LB - Traci Patterson (PC)
LB - Lila Carter
LB - Marsha Harper
LB - Alexa Strange (PC)
CB - Evangelina Ramirez (PC)
CB - Elle Shannon (PC)
CB - Jane Hines
CB - Julia Perez
SS - Santana Ortiz (PC)
SS - Hope Jennings
SS - Ella Duncan
FS - Nichole Barker
FS - Juliana Mendoza (PC)
FS - Kristi Lopez

Signed Santana Ortiz, Arielle Mendoza, Bricklyn Granger, Elle Shannon, Quinta Rodriguez, Morgan Cartier, Becca Raze, Traci Patterson
Released Auburn Cox & Cayla Phoenix

This post has been edited by Benny: Mar 10 2018, 01:15 PM
 Posted: Apr 3 2018, 03:54 PM

Season 4 Depth Chart: (4-3-2018)

Offensive Depth Chart:

QB1: Alexa Strange (PC) (Starter)
QB2: Hope Jennings
RB1: Juliana Mendoza (PC) (Starter - primary halfback))
RB2: Morgan Cartier (PC) (Starter) - fullback)
RB3: Nichole Barker
RB4: Lila Carter
WR1: Evangelina Ramirez (PC) (Starter)
WR2: Santana Ortiz (PC) (Starter)
WR3: Kristi Lopez
WR4: Jane Hines
WR5: Julia Perez
TE1: Elle Shannon (PC) (Starter)
RG1: Becca Raze (PC) (Starter)
LG1: Quinta Rodriguez (PC) (Starter)
OG: Lily Reid (bench)
C1: Bricklyn Granger (PC) (Starter)
C2: Katherine Powell
RT1: Arielle Mendoza (PC) (Starter)
LT1: Traci Patterson (PC) (Starter)
OT: Olivia Salazar (bench)

Defensive Depth Chart:

RE1: Quinta Rodriguez (PC) (Starter)
LE1: Arielle Mendoza (PC) (Starter)
DE: Lily Reid
DT1: Becca Raze (PC) (Starter)
DT2: Morgan Cartier (PC) (Starter)
DT3: Olivia Salazer
LB1: Alexa Strange (PC) (Starter)
LB2: Bricklyn Granger (PC) (Starter)
LB3: Julia Perez
LB4: Katherine Powell
CB1: Evangelina Ramirez (PC) (Starter)
CB2: Elle Shannon (PC) (Starter)
CB3: Traci Patterson (PC) (Starter)
CB4: Jane Hines
FS1: Juliana Mendoza (PC) (Starter)
FS2: Kristi Lopez
FS3: Lila Carter
SS1: Santana Ortiz (PC) (Starter)
SS2: Nichole Barker
SS3: Hope Jennings

Also released: Marsha Harper, Ella Duncan, Alexis Todd
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