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Jul 23 2018, 12:58 PM
7/20/2018 GAME DAY RECAP

The Doctor & Venus review game 16 of the LFL regular season between the Phoenix Burn and The Cincinnati Hit Girls


“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: This season comes to a close and it ends with a 17 to 7 revenge win over the Burn, who defeated the Hit Girls in the first game of the season at home. Cincy controlled the tempo from the start, holding the Burn scoreless for the first three quarters.

VENUS FLYTRAP: Yo, the Burn ain’t dead!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Who said that they were?

VENUS FLYTRAP: I don't know, I just keep seeing people say that over Twitter, so I assumed that it was a thing.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: ANYWAY! Kenzi Grey hit Trixie and Coda for touchdowns in the second and third quarters of the game. Phoenix found the end zone during the final minute and Cincy stopped the on-side kick attempt to secure the final team win of the season.

VENUS FLYTRAP: Our second season comes to a close and now Cincy looks to move in a new direction for next season with a new Head Coach in Deuce Holmes, a Strength and Conditioning Coach in Stephen J. Eversol, and Generic Heel moves to Special Teams Coach. One other unknown is what will happen at the very top with the shift in ownership to Le Bord Dieu and how that will affect things. The one positive I see coming is that Kenzi just played her LAST game as a Hit Girl! Bordy hates Kenzi with a passion, so I am expecting her to get the old ‘Future Endeavors’ post in the next few weeks!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: I certainly hope that isn’t the case. Kenzi has been with this team from the start and she has only wanted one thing, a winning season for the people of Cincy who have faithfully supported the Hit Girls since day one.

VENUS FLYTRAP: Well, she can STILL want that winning season for Cincy as she plays for another team! She can go and everyone else can stay and I will be perfectly fine with it! As long as we have Roxy Cotton, the best damn player in the LFL, I know we will be in great shape!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Stop calling here that!

VENUS FLYTRAP: Did you see how she caught that ball and ran to the one yard line, then stopped just to make sure that she got exactly 69 yards on her final catch of the season? AMAZING, RIGHT?!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: You both have issues! Anyway, that will do it for Shots Fired this season, but Venus and I will be gone completely. With the start up of Circle Arcade Wrestling, we will transform the arena into a gaming palace that will showcase this new game which features all of your favorite Hit Girls and others from around the sport of professional wrestling!

VENUS FLYTRAP: You're boys are gonna stay busy until the next season of LFL action rolls around…if and when it does.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: I'm sure the league office will have some more information on that in the coming weeks. WELL!! That will do it for this episode of Shots Fired. I am The Doctor…

VENUS FLYTRAP: …and I’m Venus…

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: We will see you around!
Jul 15 2018, 04:51 PM
7/13/2018 GAME DAY RECAP

The Doctor & Venus review game 15 of the LFL regular season between the Baltimore Bombshells and The Cincinnati Hit Girls


“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: The second of the last game of the season was a loss for the Hit Girls against a Baltimore team looking to end their season on a high note as well. The Hit Girls jumped out to an early 14 to nothing lead in the first quarter as Milisandre Crowthorne dashed into the endzone from 2 yards out. With 35 seconds left, Kenzi Grey connected with Roxy Cotton

VENUS FLYTRAP: Best receiver in the LFL!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Stop that! Roxy caught a 15 yard pass as she upped her touchdown tally for the year. That would be the last touchdowns the Hit Girls would get for the rest of the game as Angie Vaughn would add on 2 field goals, remaining perfect and adding to her streak.

VENUS FLYTRAP: A tough loss for Cincy, but there were a few other bright spots to talk about on there.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Absolutely! Coda went over 100 yards receiving, coming up just 5 yards behind Roxy. On the defensive side, Bordy really got after the ball, racking up a sack and a forced fumble. Last, and certainly not least, AMC recorded her first ever interception since being moved into her new role.

VENUS FLYTRAP: There is one more player we should point out. Cartier totally went off as she piled up offensive blocks!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Cartier put 12 huge blocks on the books and really made a statement for getting a bigger pay check next season…or even getting a better opportunity elsewhere if she decides to pass on Cincy.

VENUS FLYTRAP: COME ON MAN! Don’t put that out there…people are watching!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Well, free agency is a real thing. We have already had one early departure late in the season. Amira stepped into the open space and has learned the system quickly, but there has already been interest in her services from other teams.

VENUS FLYTRAP: Well, hopeful our new management team will find a way to keep our core team together…for whenever the LFL returns.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: The LFL announced an extended hiatus last week and that left sour taste in a lot of player’s mouths. Now, the LFL promised another update, and that has fans hoping that they won’t have to wait until 2019 to see the start of season 5…but that could just be wishful thinking.

VENUS FLYTRAP: Man, what are we going to do with that kind of lay off from football?

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Well, there were rumblings of the start of a soccer league, but it’s just a rumor right now. What isn’t a rumor is the start of Circle Arcade Wrestling, featuring the Hit Girls and others. The players video game avatars will be used in the game system to battle it out for virtual titles. This should be getting underway following the last game of the season.

VENUS FLYTRAP: Well…I’ll be playing Roxy Cotton! The best damn receiver in the…

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: WELL!! That will do it for this episode of Shots Fired. Tune in next Game Day as your Hit Girls close out the season against the Burn in Arizona! Until next time, I am The Doctor…

VENUS FLYTRAP: …and I’m Venus…

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: We will see you on the next Game Day!
Jul 9 2018, 05:16 AM

The Doctor & Venus review game 14 of the LFL regular season between the Boston Black Mambas and The Cincinnati Hit Girls


“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Well guys, it was a long time coming, but the drought is over. Game 14 of the season saw Cincy return to the winner’s circle at home against a very game Boston team in the wildcard hunt. This game was a close one, and it was decided by strong defensive plays when they were needed which matched a surge by the offense.

VENUS FLYTRAP: Before you get too deep Doc, we have to talk about the biggest story to come out of this game, and that was the abrupt departures of Melissa Aki and Daniela from the team. It left the team a bit flat footed heading into this game as they wondered what they would do without the solid play they had been getting from her in tackling and in blocking on offense.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Six days ago, after a heated exchange with Roxy Cotton over social media, Maki tweeted her desire to leave the team to the General Manager, and she was immediately granted her departure from the team. I won’t get into graphic details about it, but I think it involved comments Roxy made regarding her recent break up with AMC.

VENUS FLYTRAP: Well, I will talk about it, since that’s what I do! Everyone knows that Roxy is outspoken and she doesn’t pull any punches. If you are have toilet tissue feelings, Roxy will probably find a way to wipe her ass with them sooner or later. Honestly, I never saw Maki as someone who was that fragile, but word on the street is that she put Roxy on BLOCK and she’s been looking at other opportunities, mainly Toronto. Sidney Grey brought Amira Kassouri up from the practice squad to fill the hole.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Good insight there Venus. We will get into that after the recap.


“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: This game was a see-saw battle that saw both teams trading the lead back and forth through the third quarter. Roxy made back to back touchdown grabs to keep Cincy in the game, and Coda made a sensational 12 yard catch to tie the game back up. Boston would go up by 3 as the game moved into the fourth quarter. It became of game of field position after Kenzi Grey connected with a 21 yard pass to Trixie, who scored her first touchdown of the season, and the longest one of this game. Boston made several pushes at the end, but critical tackles were made by the defense when it mattered, and that was the difference as Boston was held scoreless in the final quarter.

VENUS FLYTRAP: The defense stepped up BIG! Amira came in with less than a week of work and she contributed. Bordy got her sack attack back on track! Cartier was fired up and was knocking people around on defense like pins in a bowling alley. However, the biggest contribution came from AMC who racked up 9 tackles and a sack to fuel the final defensive stand…and make sure that the best receiver in the LFL, Roxy Cotton, got her team another win!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: NO ONE calls her that!

VENUS FLYTRAP: I told you last week, I call her that Doc.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Fine! It was a big team win heading into the final two games of the season before Cincy starts looking to make some moves. It was announced last week that Deuce Holmes would be assuming the mantle of Head Coach and Stephen Eversol would become the Strength and Conditioning Coach. With those moves, Generic Heel turned his full attention to Special Teams where he hopes to continue working closely with Angie Vaughn. What have you heard about these moves, and do you know what else might be coming down the pipe?

VENUS FLYTRAP: Mr. Holmes made his walkthrough the facility last Friday before the game and I was there…just a fly on the wall, and I heard a few things. Two other big name players are likely to depart this season as well. I am not going to name names, but I know the internet will be running wild with speculation over who it will be. In addition, I don’t know how serious the offer was, but Alessandro Quagliaterre tweeted at Kenzi and put out what might or might not be an overture for her to go to Toronto as the backup quarterback. If a deal is made with Maki, who knows if that offer becomes something real or not.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Any word from Kenzi on if she’s considering it?

VENUS FLYTRAP: Rumor has it that money is a factor for her right now, so who can say. There was a bit of a shakeup in Cincy’s ownership, so whatever protection Kenzi enjoyed before would certainly be gone as we head into the off-season. We could see her traded or released after free agency opens back up.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: That’s terrible! Cincy might not be a winning team, but Kenzi has brought a lot of spirit to this game and if we lost her, it would be a tough void to fill!

VENUS FLYTRAP: As quarterbacks go, Kenzi is middle of the road, and that is being generous! She loves to throw, throw, throw, but if you aren’t hitting all the targets, like she did today, you’re not top tier! Cincy might have a chance to get a marquee quarterback in the mix for a change. We will see who comes available after the Wonder Cup is decided.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Well, let’s not pretend that Kenzi is only our franchise quarterback, she is still our top defensive players, so that has to figure into whether she stays or goes.

VENUS FLYTRAP: Yeah, it figures on how much Deuce gets for her. That’s about it!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Okay, that will do it for this episode of Shots Fired. Tune in next Game Day as your Hit Girls are at home once again to take on the Baltimore Bombshells! Until next time, I am The Doctor…

VENUS FLYTRAP: …and I’m Venus…

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: We will see you on the next Game Day!
Jul 1 2018, 01:02 PM
6/29/2018 GAME DAY RECAP

The Doctor & Venus review game 13 of the LFL regular season between the Philly Bellas and The Cincinnati Hit Girls


“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Game 13 was yet another blow out as the Bellas racked up 37 points against the Hit Girls. Angie Vaughn hit her 50th straight career extra point as she stayed perfect! Roxy Cotton scored the only touchdown for the Hit Girls, a six yard toss from Kenzi Grey.

VENUS FLYTRAP: The one bright spot is the ONLY bright spot and the same bright spot we have every week…ROXY COTTON! They don’t call her the best receiver in the LFL for no reason!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Literally, NO ONE calls her that!

VENUS FLYTRAP: I call her that Doc.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Any way! As I said before, Angie hit her 50th extra point in a row and she was also named Defensive Player of the game as she racked up 12 tackles!

VENUS FLYTRAP: Toughest kicker in football!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: No one calls her that!

VENUS FLYTRAP: I call her that!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Honey Sunshine was activated and played for Trixie for the second time this season. Honey racked up 5 tackles, 1 tackle for a loss, 1 pass defended, and 1 interception.

VENUS FLYTRAP: Not bad for a scab.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Honey isn’t a scab, you jerk! Anyway, that will do it for this episode of Shots Fired. Tune in next Game Day as your Hit Girls come home to take on the Boston Black Mambas! Until next time, I am The Doctor…

VENUS FLYTRAP: …and I’m Venus…

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: We will see you on the next Game Day!
Jun 23 2018, 09:03 PM
6/22/2018 GAME DAY RECAP

The Doctor & Venus review game 12 of the LFL regular season between the Denver Divas and The Cincinnati Hit Girls


“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Game 12 was another blow out as the Divas ran away with the game. Angie Vaughn stayed perfect in extra points as Milisandre Litchfield scored the only touchdown for the Hit Girls.

VENUS FLYTRAP: It was a terrible game, but there were a few points of interest. Kenzi Grey threw for 367 yards. Milisandre had a good day of running the football following her special day. Finally, Bordy was benched on the suggestion of Kenzi.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: First thing, first; Kenzi aired out the ball for this game and got everyone involved, but none of the receivers could find the end zone. While that doesn’t bode well for future games, it does show that Cincy has a quarterback that isn’t afraid to target everyone on the field.

VENUS FLYTRAP: What do you know about Milisandre?

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Well, Milisandre was coming off of her wedding day and she had a good game running the ball as she scored on a power run from the 1 to give her another touchdown on the season.

VENUS FLYTRAP: Finally, what do you know about Bordy being benched?

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: It looks like Kenzi went to the sideline and asked to have her sit out the rest of the game following a 15 yard penalty for a late hit on the opposing quarterback. Bordy was none too happy about it as she stormed off. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some fall out from that.

VENUS FLYTRAP: I also want to add in that Roxy Cotton, the best damn receiver in the LFL, cracked 1,000 yards receiving on the season! No small feat given the team’s record!

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: You need to stop! Roxy doesn’t even know that you exist! Anyway, in other notes, Sativa Nevaeh led the team with 12 catches. Coda broke 100 yards on 6 receptions, including a 47 yard grab to set up the only touchdown. Finally, Ashley Marie Chase was a force as she led all blockers with 7 offensive pancakes.

VENUS FLYTRAP: I guess they did okay too.

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: Okay guys that will do it for this episode of Shots Fired. Tune in next Game Day as your Hit Girls travel to Philly to take on the Bellas! Until next time, I am The Doctor…

VENUS FLYTRAP: …and I’m Venus…

“DOCTOR” JOHNNY FEVER: We will see you on the next Game Day!
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