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Jun 8 2018, 12:34 AM

Honolulu Havok Presser
June 7th 2018

The familiar scene being held in the media room of the Honolulu Havok facility. The camera flashes coming to a calm as GM Juan Ramirez walks up to the podium giving the collar of polo a swaggerish flip. The smile is golden of course as he gives a head nod toward the media present letting them know he’s ready to begin. The full coaching staff of the Honolulu Havok all sitting at the front table with microphones standing in place in front of each seat. Head Coach Kasey Morgan drinks from his cup of water while OC Delano Smith is looking at the few papers placed in front of him. DC Kevin Ross is chewing his tobacco as he normally does with Strength and Conditioning lead Andrew Fisk sitting toward the end new to the whole ordeal with watching eyes.

GM JUAN RAMIREZ: What's good ya'll? Been a few weeks off but we back in effect with the usual. I'm standing here, proud of this wonderful staff behind me. They been putting in excellent work since day one and it's been paying off. The team has had their downs but they've triumphed like the Professional Athletes they are. Again, all thanks to this wonderful staff. Coaching along with the Strength and Conditioning. So who's up first?

REPORTER: Lets start with this winning steak here. Coach Morgan, what would you say has made the difference in these last string of games?

COACH MORGAN: Nothing other than every woman on this team working together for the same goal with the same mindset. I told you in the beginning of the season when things were all doom and gloom and rather irritating to see the lacking faith in this team. I know I showed that irritation on a few occasions. The key being this team never lost faith in each other. On top of that as the season goes on teams begins to mesh and mold getting into form and fighting for playoff positions. We are more than halfway through and we are picking up steam. Can’t complain at all just glad to say Lulu Blue goes to work.

REPORTER: Want to expand a little more on the question. Coach Ross, would you say there’s been a change in your defense in this win streak?

DC Kevin Ross spits into the half full water bottle he’s been to collect his tobacco leavings. Sticking the piece right back to the side of his mouth he move forward to his mic.

COACH ROSS: I say there’s nuttin wrong with smashmouth football n hard hits. Thats what we do here. Thats our business. The hittin business. We hit cha make you turn blue. Leading the way our Terror Twins, Kharma ‘ere Rikki with tackles. We gettin’ great ‘mounts interceptions by the ballhawks Cheyenne Thomas, Cailey Carter as well as Tabby Tremont. Alexis Blake ‘forming well above expected I’m happier than a pig in shit. No one ‘ever tired to fight n ‘fend here. We must keep on keepin on.

REPORTER: Coach Smith, what has led to the dominance on Offense in these last three games? The offense, the balanced offense, as they say, "Everybody Eats" is surely the theme in play. Cailey Carter has really been spreading the ball around flawlessly, showcasing the weapons evenly.

COACH SMITH: It's simply time and patience. We been on the same plan since the start of the season. The team has taken care of business whether against the weak or the strong, it was taken care. That's what you do. You pounce. Spreading the ball is key, keeping the defense off balance is the goal.

REPORTER: Coach Morgan, what do you have to say about Kathy Deen? I know not much aim is shined towards the Kicker or Punter but past few seasons, she has put this team in solid position on both sides.

COACH MORGAN: She's purely underrated and I think she likes it that way. She goes out there every time and she kicks the hell out of that ball, putting three or the extra point on the board or pinning the ball inside the twenty. She does it all and we appreciate all she does on this team!

REPORTER: Again back to you Coach Morgan, the Penalties have been low on this three game span. Must feel good to know you don't have to worry much or at all with trying to gain long yardage after a spotting penalty.

COACH MORGAN: Yes, absolutely. We've been working hard on further improving our team discipline on both Offense and Defense. One or two are fine but when it becomes four or five and the yardage is hurts you. We pride ourselves on trying to be mistake-free but sometimes you can't help what happens. Just glad it's been minimal on this run.

REPORTER: The improvement has definitely been seen with your D line. More aggression being seen by mostly all that are inside the trenches. Making QB’s hustle and uncomfortable has there been an adjustment made there for this sudden change Coach Ross?

COACH ROSS: Adjustments?

He spits.

COACH ROSS: Aint nobody a need ‘or adjustments when you have a group of duckhunting, skin peeling asskickers wanting go. We comes into practice as play. Gettin down to nitty gritty they challenge themselves from start to fin which makes show on that ‘ere field. Gretch goes fetch brings back every bone. Kitty buries ‘em. The good games come with sacks ‘ere the tackles for loss. All I can ask for from my line ‘n I’m damn proud.

REPORTER: Must be a demanding game plan to be all go all the time. Coach Fisk, if you don’t mind me asking what is the process to prepare the team in such a way where they still have something left in the 4th?

COACH FISK: Well uhh...from the offseason I told them they would feel like they were going to die from what is asked from them. Talent can only get you so far and my job is to break those mental barriers that fatigue can bring which translate to the physical side and you do not perform as well. Running boost stamina but what boosts the mind when it’s telling you that you’ve given all you got? Heart. I don’t only condition their body for the fight, I condition their hearts to push to the other side of through. That’s strength.

Seeing the calm in the media sections GM Juan nods out to them.

GM JUAN RAMIREZ: Another solid Press Conference in. Appreciated the hefty load of questions this week. On to continuing this streak against the Denver Divas. See ya'll next week! Thank you for your questions today.

Juan backs away from the Podium as he turns and bows to the Coaching Staff, holding high confidence within the crew to show the Denver Divas another "L" in their record. As Juan parted ways, so did the Coaching staff soon afterwards leading to a fade out.
May 11 2018, 12:10 AM

Honolulu Havok Presser
May 10th 2018

After a close game that was won against the Buffalo Blizzard, The Honolulu Havok notched another win in their records, back to back wins. As the presser table was up and ready, Head Coach Kasey Morgan came out from the back, followed by Offensive Coordinator Delano Smith and Defensive Coordinator Kevin Ross. They all took a seat as they waited for the rest of the press to arrive into the room. After several minutes of wait time, everything was a go.

REPORTER: “Hello and welcome back, my name is Casey over at Honolulu Star and in a 35-31 victory in which there was little defense on both sides, but the end is what count and the ladies kept Blizzard from attempting a late comeback. What a way to pull that off! After that Kristina Kiker Field Goal, can you breakdown how that final drive for the lead and the win went?

KASEY MORGAN: “For sure, I always appreciate the fight our Havok girls show out there, especially in that one. Those last few minutes in play, both sides went back and forth, but thankfully after a clutch stop by the defense, we managed to get the ball and run some clock and get down the field and score that Touchdown. Much credit to Delano Smith, our OC for that draw-up to finish them off.”

Kasey, after answering and breaking down the drive, a nod to the reporter followed as the next reporter stepped up.

REPORTER: “So following up on that question, this one is for you, Mr. Smith. My name is Kevin and I’m from the Hawaiian Beat which is about the life and culture plus more down here in Hawaii. I sometimes feature Honolulu Havok in articles for the influence it has brought down here for the youth. However, my question is on that final play, was that straight from the playbook or was that something on the fly and was it the reason you called for the timeout?!”

DELANO SMITH: “We always go through our set for that week’s opponent. When it came down to that last play, we had originally called for a play we rarely ever call. However seeing their defense, I made the call for the timeout. Picked another that gave Cailey quite a few opportunities to get the ball in. Focus was on Chey and Kharma in the endzone. Adarro was covered. Tabitha was uncovered off the short Curl route. Cailey found her, and she caught it! We won. Hero!”

Delano had sat back in his chair as the next reporter came into the picture and before he proceeded to ask anything, he cleared his throat.

REPORTER: "Yes, Maceo, Sports Writer for Honolulu Times Paper. Close call after close call. Past two weeks, hair-raising I should say. No turnovers created for Havok Defense against Buffalo when so far every game besides this one, you've managed to get atleast one. Any adjustments need to be made to maybe be more aggressive-toned to force more turnovers."

Ross looked at the reporter slash Writer for the newspaper in Honolulu with a side-eye before choosing to answer.

KEVIN ROSS: "While we had our streak frozen like deers to headlights, all ‘ere matters be our girls got the job done! That's all we ask of ‘em. To the next game."

The reporter, Maceo however wasn't all the way done as he had another one seemingly for Kevin.

REPORTER: "While that is true, will there be any adjustments coming towards Phoenix Burn who sits trying to right the ship after last week’s loss?"

KEVIN ROSS: "Look ‘ere our girls work hard in ‘esearch. If you are tryin’ to say if we will take ‘em lightly? Never. They be going to be fueled after that huge loss and we will have to be on our P's and Q's don’t cha know? On the point of a mosquito. Buffalo Blizzard ain’t ’llowed turnovers in two games now, we're not the only ones ain’t able to take their 'cookies'. Maybe yer see some against Phoenix. I feels you wills. However, all ‘ere matters is that we takin’ care of business on the field."

The reporter calmly backed away after Kevin gave his answer. It didn't stop there however as the next reporter stepped in, a lady reporter this time, showcasing her pleasant smile.

REPORTER: "Aloha! My name is Karen. I work for HI-5, Channel 5 News. For the Phoenix Burn who are looking to turn things around, how will the game plan be for this week's game, Kasey?"

There was a light little chuckle in the room amongst the staff to that question as Kasey Morgan went forward into the microphone.

KASEY MORGAN: "Beat them up. Simple as that! They have been playing horrible lately. It would be unwise for us to allow that trend to not continue. We always show respect at the end but Phoenix Burn are getting punched in the mouth like every other team we’ve faced off against. There are no...breaks!"

REPORTER: "Hi, Kevin from LFL Network, Your All-Star stud QB, Cailey Carter is steady thriving well under the changes you and staff made on the Offense. Where do you feel the next change may be?"

KASEY MORGAN: "My rule is if it isn't broken, do not repair. Everything has been well. Have there been some things we could've done better? Of course! But Cailey has made it her business to challenge herself each and every week and she's continued to grow outstandingly. She has earned respect from around the league as top five Quarterback. Everything is fine the way it is."

REPORTER: "Penalties...What about Penalties?"

Another reporter from across the room shouted towards Kasey, un-introduced but Kasey went ahead to proceed to answer the question.

KASEY MORGAN: "Next time, introduce yourself before blurting out questions to be answered. Penalties, I know, it's a question that has been asked before. Five penalties for 30-something yards. 34 to be exact to their one that was twelve yards. Not cost-effectively but understandable. It's a quick fix, it will be fixed."

REPORTER: “I’m...I’m sorry Coach. Just excited to see the turn around and like everything. Actually this next question is for Coach Smith. My name is Franklin Guff, reporter for Kalani High School. I’m sorry I’m just so excited I’m even here. I uhh, I’m here with actual reporters. Ok, ok. The question. Coach Smith this is probably the first time this season your offense has the upside in the T.O.P side of things. A lot of people believe if you control the ball you control the game what are your thoughts when it comes to Time of Possession?

Coach Smith is already at the front prepared to answer. Realizing he’s just a kid kinda calms Coach Morgan while Delano gives a nod to the young reporter.

DELANO SMITH: You can play the game without taking the time. Depends on your strengths. My outlook is more field position than anything else. Hard to play if you don’t score. Hard to score with more field in front of you. Each game is same amount of time for 4 quarters. The point is playing hard and making the right decisions at the right time. We are currently 3-2 if the time of possession truly mattered with the end result it would be less wins for us. Slow start? Yes. Are we finally picking it up? Hell Yes. Our girls are full throttle from start to finish. That is all this coaching staff and our fans can ask for.

REPORTER: Thank you guys so much.

The excited youngster takes his seat leaving the floor to another.

REPORTER: While you are up there Coach Smith, I’m Jack VanVleet. Channel 7. Question for you, your WR core has been said one of the best in the past seasons for the LFL. With Cailey Carter getting in gear and Kharma and Chey being productive as always is it nice to see your other targets like Adara and even Tabitha coming along great so far in this early season?

DELANO SMITH: More than nice to see it’s great! I’m ecstatic honestly. The leadership of Kharma Del La Reye is showing and proving each and every week. It’s why she is one of our captains and one of our leaders. There isn’t an aspect of the game she doesn’t touch. Right along with her sister Rikki. They are the Twin Terrors for a reason after all and it’s always great to watch them work on both sides of the field. That said with that leadership what’s it done it made Adara and Tabby and Shae come forward in comfort and show their skills right alongside the lead. It’s something I never doubted coming into the season and I assure you it will only get better and show more as the season continues.

REPORTER: A question for Coach Morgan. I’m Sandy Jacobs, Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Do want to ask what do you feel you have to worry about most when it comes to the Phoenix Burn? Offensively what do you feel are their strengths? Defensively what do you feel are their strengths?

KASEY MORGAN: They seem to know how to even things out offensively which is a strength for them. Thing is all we have to do is make that turn one dimensional and that will give them a hard time. Defensively, I do think they move well but the fact our girls have been here and have the experience I believe will give us the edge. One of the best cores around I put my money on it and I know we will remain hungry even in the dry heat of Phoenix. Our thirst will only be quenched by a W.

After that, there was a brief amount of silence in the room, each getting tough questions asked their way but as time elapsed, Kasey looked around.

KASEY MORGAN: "Well if that is it for the week, I appreciate you all for the intelligent Questions. Glad we could provide you all with an answer. Time to get to work. See you next time!”

With that, the trio arise from their seats, feeling the pain that is felt when one sits too long, the slight shot of stiff pain inserted, showing as they made their exit from the room. The people, the cameras all made their exit.
Feb 12 2018, 07:28 PM


The Honolulu Havok Offseason has been low-key as it has ever been with the roster remaining mostly intact. However it hasn’t stopped Owner Arkia Fisk-Jones and GM Juan Ramirez from seeking out talent to help fill out weak spots of the team.

With that, Honolulu Havok has come to terms to release Nose Tackle Lydia Hicks. She informed staff earlier last week that she needed to take an indefinite leave of absence as she is pregnant. Honolulu Havok sincerely wish her nothing but the best as she goes through that ordeal. That move makes Gretchen “Vicious” Vickers the lead woman at the DT spot now, taking over Hicks spot, getting to showcase her strength even more than before.

This makes this tweet sent out last week more sensible. With that departure, the team is looking to add more to the Offensive and Defensive Line as well as Linebacker. Rumors had spread soon after that Havok was “in talks” to signing HKW’s RISE developing talent, now LFL Free Agent, Jaylen (JJ) Crowns. She has experience at Tight End in Flag Football League but as seen in her reply tweet here, she could very well add to the OL play of Havok.

It would be the first signing for the team this off-season as it looks to make its way back to the Playoffs and be contenders for the WonderCup next season. Stay tuned for any future announcements.

Sep 9 2017, 11:29 PM
OOC Information

Your Name (can be your nickname): Jay
Best way to contact you: (I.E. AIM, Twitter, E-mail, etc.) Here

Player Information

Player Name: Lydia Hicks
Player Nickname: Big L
Desired Team (if you have no preference, just say Free Agent): Honolulu Havok
Desired Position(s): DT
Pic Base (optional): Mama June
Height: 5ft. 5in.
Weight: 240
Brief Bio: She may be a little old in the tooth but she still got some juice left. Former athlete turned Häagen-Daz eater hasn't been on the field in a longwhile but after some time and work put in, looks to hit the field again. Older than the others but hits harder than everyone else.

Player Strengths & Weaknesses

1) Can stop a nosebleed instantly
2) Can leave one shook with her power
3) Good awareness

1) Simply put, stamina. Big girl with power and strength but can tire easily
2) Lacks speed.
3) Can have a nasty attitude that can affect teamplay
Feb 24 2017, 01:07 AM
BREAKING NEWS: Due to the team exceeding their salary cap, Honolulu Havok has released the following players...

QB/SS Olivia Maddox

WR/CB Charlie Campbell

While Tight End Jessica “JB” Blake was expected to be a part of the roster for the upcoming season but following issues with her contract not processing through and being finalizing, she was officially back to being on the FA market.

Cailey Carter who last season played as a receiver will convert to her more natural role as a Quarterback. Safety Cheyenne Thomas will also look to take on the opposite side of the ball at Wide Receiver, tagging alongside of Kharma Del La Reye to fill the #2 slot.

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